elk, deer & moose antler dog chews

More About Ridge Ranch Dog Antlers

Ridge Ranch Dog Antlers are hand picked and cut at our ranch here in Texas.  The Antlers are a natural chew for your dogs - no chemicals, fantastic source of calcium, phosphorus, zinc & also great for tarter control.  Our Antler chews are of the highest quality.  The Antlers are from free range Elk, Moose & Deer that naturally shed every year.

Ridge Ranch Dog Antlers will entertain your dog with hours of content chewing.  Our Antlers are a healthy, nutritious, organic, hearty, odor free, long lasting treat alternative to the unhealthy processed treats.  

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Elk, Deer & moose Antlers

Elk Antlers come in sizes - 4", 6", 8" 10".  All sizes are approximate.

Deer Antlers come in sizes - 4", 6", 8" & Paddles.  All sizes are approximate.

Moose Antlers come in Paddles & Beams.  All sizes are are approximate.

Which size antler for your dog?​

  • Small 4" - dog approx 7-18 lbs

  • Medium 6" - dog approx 20-45 lbs

  • Large 8" - dog approx 55 lbs & up

  • X-Large 10" - dog approx 65 lbs & up

  • Massive - dogs 65 lbs & up

Whole or Split antler?

  • Whole antlers usually last longer because it takes longer for the dog to chew through to the center marrow. Large dog usually like the whole.

  • Split antlers are my personal favorite since the dog has immediate access to the tasty center marrow.  Splits are also softer & easier to chew.  Both large & small dog like split.

*Antler chews vary in shape, weight, thickness, size & color.

*As with any dog chew or toy, please supervise your dog while chewing & once the antler becomes small enough to be a choking hazard throw it out and replace it.  Remove the antler if you have an aggressive chewer that tries to bite down instead of chewing - this will prevent any damage to his/her teeth.  Not recommended for older dogs.


Free Shipping on orders over $60


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