Frequently Asked Questions!

Are your Antlers naturally shed?  Yes!  All of our Antlers are from the most recent shed season so they are fresh!

What are the benefits of Antlers?  Antlers are all-natural, great for tarter control & being fresh they are still a great source of minerals.  Also Antlers are an excellent chew because they last so long.

How long do the Antlers last?  Depending on the chewer, Elk & Deer will last approx 4 weeks, though I've had customers say they last even longer!  The Moose will last months!

Which size Antler should I get for my dog?  Under Shop Elk, Deer, or Moose I have listed on each Antler size my recommended dog weight for that Antler to make it as easy as possible for you to choose!

Should I get Split or Whole Antlers?  Usually for puppies & small dogs I recommend getting Split to start off with.  As they grow you can try them out on the Whole Antlers because those may last longer than the Split.

Do your Antlers have an odor?  No!  Our Antlers are odorless & mess free!

Where do you acquire your Antlers from?  We get our Deer from our local Texas ranch & other surrounding Texas ranches.  Our Elk and Moose come straight from Colorado & Wyoming.  We hand-pick & cut all of the Antlers at our Texas ranch and sand down the edges so there are no sharp ends.

When can I start my puppy on Antlers?  I started my puppy at 10 weeks old on the Split Antlers.  She chewed all through teething & at 2 years old still chews everyday!

Are there different qualities of Antlers?  Yes!  I only offer the highest quality of Antlers!  I only get the fresh Antlers from the most recent shed season.  The same quality I give to my pup is the same quality I will give to your pup!  Our Antlers are completely unprocessed.  No chemicals or additives are ever put on them.  We only cut them to the variety of sizes.

How much is shipping?  In the USA shipping is a flat rate of $4.99 or Free shipping on orders over $60.

What are my payment options?  Once you have filled your cart, click Pay with PayPal.  Though you do NOT need a PayPal account to place your order.  Select PayPal & it will let you check out as a guest using your own payment method without having to set up an account.

Can I buy in Bulk?  Yes!  Please email me at to inquire about a discount.

Is it true that Antlers can "splinter"?  This is a huge reason that I only offer the freshest Antlers!  In the past 2 years I have been giving my pup Antlers I have never had one "splinter".  It is usually the old, brittle Antlers found in big box stores that give people that impression.  All Antlers are NOT equal!  I always say as with any chew to supervise while chewing.  Also understand that Antlers are an all natural product.

Are Antlers digestible?  Yes!  Antlers are easily digestible.  Your pup will slowly gnaw away and ingest the Antler along with the natural minerals!  Once the Antler becomes small enough to become a choking hazard please throw away and replace with a new Antler & in-turn will have a happy pup!